Radim Schreiber

Radim Schreiber

Firefly Photographer and Cinematographer


I was born in the Czech Republic, but presently live in the United States. Photographing fireflies is my passion and my full-time vocation. When I first moved to Iowa, I was mesmerized by the abundance and brightness of fireflies during summer nights. I had never seen anything like that during my childhood in the Czech Republic, and I fell in love with fireflies. I had to wait for advancements in the low-light capabilities of cutting-edge camera equipment before I was able to photograph fireflies. That finally came, and every summer since then I have photographed and recorded fireflies on video. My firefly photos have been on exhibit in the USA, London, Rio de Janeiro, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The images have been published in numerous publications and have won several prestigious awards. The debut of my book, Firefly Experience, was a nighttime show at Teeple Hansen Gallery in Fairfield, Iowa. I created an entire virtual environment with firefly photos, dim lights, and night sounds. I still remember the light and happiness on the people’s faces. If you would like to see my other projects and photos, please visit fireflyexperience.org.



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