Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues

Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues

Mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia

Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues (born in Vila Nova de Gaia on March, 30 1971) is a Portuguese university professor and politician. He is an assistant professor of the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts (FLUP) of Oporto's University. Currently he is the Mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia, the biggest city of Porto Metropolitan Area, having been elected for the Portuguese Socialist Party in 2013 municipal elections.
As a professor he was responsible for the following disciplines: Development Sociology, Demography and Migrations, Processes of Social Exclusion (graduation), Environmental Sociology (master) and Social Policy (PhD). Due to his actual public functions the teacher career is currently suspended.

Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues was a visiting professor in several foreign universities (Leuven - Belgium, Cracow – Poland, Brno – Czech Republic) and a collaborator at various institutions. He has a PhD in Sociology since 2006 from the Faculty of Arts of Oporto's University with the thesis «Scarce ways: social immobilization processes of RSI beneficiaries». He obtained the degree in Sociology in 1994 and the master in Sociology – Local Power, Development and Social Change in 1997.
He is an investigator of FLUP’s Sociology Institute on the line of research «Family, ageing and gender» and works in the areas of Sociology of Poverty, Political Sociology, Migrations, State, Social Policies and Development.
He is author of conferences, books, articles and other publications in the fields he studies and teaches and member of diverse scientific, cultural and social action.


Parque Biológico de Gaia

R. Cunha, 4430-812 Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


Câmara Municipal de Gaia

Rua Álvares Cabral 4400-017 Vila Nova de Gaia