About this Symposium

In recent years, the interest in the biology, behaviour, systematics and conservation of fireflies has increased dramatically around the world. These last decades, fireflies even gained attention for the sake of ecotourism, with both positive and negative consequences. The firefly serves as the model system for the study of bioluminescence, being the most commonly encountered and widely recognised bioluminescent terrestrial organism worldwide.

The main aim of the International Firefly Symposium is to gather people involved in firefly conservation and research around the world in order to exchange knowledge and form collaborative partnerships. The ecological, behavioural and morphological variation found in fireflies will be documented and evaluated by a diverse, international community. We will discuss the necesity and methodology how to protect threatened firefly species and their habitats.

The overall idea is to raise awareness and advance a public conservation ethic by sharing information about fireflies and their habitat requirements and to foster delight and appreciation of fireflies across different cultures by blending artistic and scientific perspectives about these amazing insects.


Organising Committee: 

Rita Diogo 

Henrique Nepomuceno Alves 

Jorge Pereira Gomes

Cristina Neves 

Ana Mafalda Alves 

Filipe Vieira

Raphaël De Cock


Scientific committee

Raphaël De Cock (Belgium)

Arja Kaitala (Finland)
Sara Lewis (USA)
Sonny Wong (Malaysia)
José Manuel Grosso-Silva (Portugal)
Fabien Verfaillie (France)
Francesco Mariotti (Switzerland)
Yuichi Oba (Japan)



Parque Biológico de Gaia

R. Cunha, 4430-812 Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


Câmara Municipal de Gaia

Rua Álvares Cabral 4400-017 Vila Nova de Gaia