Vila Nova de Gaia has been asserting itself as a prime destination. Within the region, one of its distinctive features lies in its historic centre, an emblematic place that extends into a natural amphitheatre, where streets intertwine in a rustic and unique way, with its striking cellars, surrounded by old houses. These shelter the famous Port Wine and peacefully look on the bustle of the river people.

The city’s strong and genuine identity is heightened by the presence of important heritage elements, enshrined by the UNESCO. This is the case of the majestic Serra do Pilar Monastery, its faithful guardian, which undoubtedly enhances the whole city largely represented by captivating and invaluable architectonic heritage.

Visiting Vila Nova de Gaia is discovering a multitude of points of interest that are scattered through the entire municipality, from its awarded beaches, with long promenades, to its lush parks. For visitors, Gaia offers unforgettable moments and gastronomic and ethnographic wealth that will appeal to all their senses.

Coming to Vila Nova de Gaia is also experiencing leisurely moments in beachfront cafés, restaurants and pubs that will certainly leave a lasting impression on visitors experiences, who will end up blending with the bright lights.

Therefore, Vila Nova de Gaia is full of vivid colours and intense feelings. The city opens its doors to wealthy historical, cultural and natural heritage that turn it into a truly charming and welcoming host.



Parque Biológico de Gaia

R. Cunha, 4430-812 Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal